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Pacific Link Healthcare is an international healthcare recruiter in business since October of 1999, and is a registered corporation under the State of Georgia in the United States. Our main office is in Atlanta, GA, U.S.A., and branch offices in London, England, Manila, Philippines, and India .  All applicants regardless of national origin are welcome to apply.  Pacific Link Healthcare matches your professional ability and skills experience with opportunities in the United States.  Nursing, occupational therapy, and physical therapy placements are in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and in large and small healthcare facilities with your preferred location request.


Pacific Link Healthcare intends to find for you the highest pay levels in your profession, insurance coverage (group health, dental, and life), and will reimburse U.S. license and travel costs.  The applicant is assisted in processing the required paperwork for employment placement and immigration under immigrant visa or working visa from start to finish.  On arrival you will be assisted with housing accommodations. To advance in your career, the hospitals and healthcare facilities provide continuing academic education in your professional field as well as clinical skills.  

Pacific Link Healthcare's goal is to provide the ultimate connection to healthcare professionals around the world.

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